Prostate Center Paris

Prostate treatment for international patients


The Concept:

The Prostate Center has set up an efficient system for patients from abroad to facilitate their treatment. Within a week, the patient can have a consultation, imagery and finally do the prostate artery embolization.

Video explainingprostate artery embolization

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Prostate consultation

The patient comes for a consultation with one of the Group's specialist doctors. The doctor will explain the entire procedure and answer any questions you may have.

Duration: 30 mins


You will be asked to take a blood test 48 hours before the procedure.

Duration: 20 mins

Medical imaging examination

A CT scan of the prostatic arteries will be performed at our referral centers, and the images will be processed by the specialist who will perform the operation.

Duration: 60 mins


The embolization will be done early in the morning, and you will go back to the hotel in the afternoon.

Duration: 120 mins